Aspen Fall Foliage in the Eastern Sierra

Hi Anna,

Our official hike to the Thousand Island Lake (Oct 1st) was cancelled due to bad weather and low participation.
As it was getting colder in high mountain, I decided to carry out the hike by myself.
I invited others to participate but none could come.

The weather was good for both days. But the water in my water bottle was frozen over night even in the Silver Lake camp ground.
I talked to PCT backpackers who did camping in the mountain. They said it was quite cold (but they had right gears for such condition).

My first day was a hike from Silver Lake to the Thousand Island Lake.
I didn't see much hikers until I reached to the PCT.
There were still quite a few PCT hikers despite freezing over-nite temperature.

My second day was a hike along the PCT starting from Mammoth (Agnew Meadow).
There were many hikers and its trailhead parking lot was full.
To my surprise, there were ample Aspen foliage along the trail.
There were many small water streams and Aspen trees seemed to need water.

I tried to capture the beauty of Aspen fall foliage.
I don't think I succeeded. I tried and failed.
The Aspen colors were 10 times impressive than what you see in my photos.

Anyway, I'm glad that I fullfill my promise to show you Aspen fall foliage.
Hope you enjoy my photos.

Sincerely yours,

Oct 8, Thousand Island Lake hike (Day 1)
enhance (15 photos)

Oct 9, Agnew Meadow hike (Day 2)
enhance (19 photos)
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