My pick of the month:


2017-Nov (Taiwan)

2016-Aug (Montara, California)
2016-July-Tahoe (Tahoe, California)
2016-July (Sierras, California)

2015-Dec (Japan)
2015-Oct (Japan)
2015-June (Tahoe, California)
2015-Feb (Japan)

2014-Nov (San Francisco Peninsula)
2014-Oct-FallHike (Sierras, California)
2014-Oct (East Carson River, California)
2014-Sep (Japan)
2014-June (Tahoe, California)

2013-Nov (Kyoto, Japan)
2013-July (Sierras, California)
2013-Apr (Japan)
2013-Mar (Northern California)

2012-Dec (San Francisco Peninsula)
2012-Sep (Northern California)
2012-Aug (Northern California)
2012-June (Japan)
2012-May (Northern California)
2012-Feb (Northern Nevada)

2011-Dec-City (San Francisco, California)
2011-Dec (Bay Area, California)
2011-Nov (San Francisco, California)
2011-Oct-Taiwan (Taiwan)
2011-Oct-Japan (Japan)
2011-Aug (San Francisco, California)
2011-July (Point Reyes, California; Santa Cruz, California)
2011-June (San Francisco, California)
2011-May (Pacifica, California)
2011-Apr (Tahoe, Nevada & California)
2011-Mar (Reno, Nevada)
2011-Jan-SnowTrip (Tahoe City, California)
2011-Jan (Reno, Nevada)

2010-Dec-Extra (Bay Area, California)
2010-Dec-Holidays (Bay Area, California)
2010-Dec (Bay Area, California)
2010-Nov-FortBragg (Mendocino, California)
2010-Nov (Boston, New England)
2010-Oct-Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)
2010-Oct (Golden Gate Park, California)
2010-May (Peninsula, California)
2010-Apr (Reno, Nevada)
2010-Jan (Death Valley, California)

2009-Sep (Kyoto, Japan; Kobe, Japan)

2008-Nov (Kyoto, Japan)

2007-Nov (Kyoto, Japan)
2007-Apr (Tokushima, Japan; Kyoto, Japan)

2006-Nov (Death Valley, California)
2006-Apr (Nara, Japan)

2003-Sep (Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain))

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My Cameras:


The 2nd Nikon CoolPix P7100 (2013-Nov ~ )


Nikon CoolPix P7100 (2011-Sep ~ 2013 Aug)


Nikon CoolPix L20 (sub $100 Camera) + [Batteries] (2011-Sep or earlier)


Nikon CoolPix 775 (2008-Nov or earlier)

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